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Shipping Policy

How your order is processed
Step 1: Your order is received and processed for shipping
Step 2: Order confirmation is emailed to you
Step 3: Your package awaits pick up at our distribution center. 
Step 4: Upon pick up, shipping confirmation is emailed to you. Your package is now trackable.
What Are We Doing To Help?
Shipping delays are happening across the country. We don't make promises that we can not keep, so track your package through the shipping company. 
We appreciate your patience and promise you that we will deliver every single package as quickly as we possibly can.
Orders placed on Moroccan Rugs and Gems may be delivered by one of several different carriers and shipping methods. Tracking availability will vary depending on the type of item you purchased, the shipping method you selected during Checkout, and the carrier that is delivering your item(s).
Occasionally, orders are delivered via a carrier that does not offer the ability to track a package.
Contact us with any questions you may have.  

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