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How did Moroccan Rugs and Gems begin?

We wanted to explore a way to include our Moroccan family in a business in the USA. After years of thinking and contemplating different ideas we have come to this conclusion.  The women in Assou's family learned how to make traditional tribal Amazigh rugs and carpets at a young age from Assou's mother.  We will pay for the carpets and help them to make a good consistent wage. The Gems and minerals can be purchased from local miners therefore helping the entire community. We will bring these products to the USA to sell at Gem and Mineral shows, Arts and Crafts shows and Flea markets. At this time we will not have a physical store but we will be an online and traveling store. Watch our feed for announcements of locations we will be working.

While in Morocco

When we travel to Morocco, we think about projects that we can do while we are there to help the family and community.  Our family lives in a small village that is not on maps, the nearest city is Midelt, Morocco about 2.5 miles.  During our last visit we accomplished many projects.  The community project was to hand dig a well to help the family and nearby neighbors to water their apple orchards. You can see it below.  If you want to see more pictures and videos you can visit my page Morocco Travels on Facebook.  We also installed a full bathroom at mom's house, including shower, toilet, sink and washing machine hook-ups.  Our sister-in-law needed glasses so we took her to a specialist in the Atlas city of Azrou and purchased her first pair.  She is now working on our carpets we will be selling here.

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Alexander City, AL

Tel: 256-710-9010

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